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Losing your pet can be a heart-wrenching and frustrating experience.  We are committed to help in the assistance of reuniting pet with owner.
Include in your Advertising Heading should include Providence and City
Name, phone number or email address, type/breed of pet, male or female, colors/markings, spayed/neutered, color of collar with tags, approx. age, area of town lost/found. Give as much information as possible.
Beware of money scams. Don't let your emotions override your common sense. . Some "finders" collect a fortune in rewards for lost pets they haven't found. A common one is a person calls you claiming to be a long-haul trucker. He says he picked up your pet and is out of state now. He heard about your ad, flyer, etc. and says he will return your pet if you will pay to ship it home. This person does not have your pet, he is only trying to take your money. Protect yourself. Never pay reward money or any shipping costs without viewing at least a clear photograph of the "found" pet.
If your photo is too big it will not upload to your ad.  Make sure your photo is no larger than 800 x 800 pixels
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